The Rider’s Belt


The only gadget you’ll ever need, and it works on you to transform your horse! When you discover what ‘use your back’ really means you become a far more effective rider.

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The belt gives lower back support, stabilising the sacroiliac joints. It increases strength throughout the back, legs and hips, minimising the chance of injury, and reducing or eliminating back pain. It can also be worn when not riding.

This simple device can revolutionise the rider’s seat by helping her learn how to ‘use her back’. Good riders are able to match the forces which act on their bodies with each stride, and thus they are able to stay ‘with’ the horse. The result of this is an independent seat.

Although we commonly think of a good seat being the result of relaxation, it actually requires muscle-power. Essentially the rider has two possible ways of stabilising her body. She can pull back with her hand (exerting a force which acts from the front towards the back), or push forwards from her back (exerting a force which acts from the back towards the front). When this second force is in action, the rider feels no need to use her hands to stop herself from bumping backwards.

An ‘independent seat’ is often viewed as the result of innate talent or years of training; but the¬†Rider’s Belt¬†enables any rider to create the biomechanics of good sitting. A short period of use can be much more effective than hours spent riding on the lunge. Once the rider can stay ‘with’ the horse, he usually responds to her as he does to all talented riders, lifting his back and reaching with his neck to seek contact with the reins. It is this change which brings him ‘onto the bit’.

With the help of the belt, this magical result can be yours – much more easily than you ever thought possible! It is helpful for everybody, and I have often seen it be a ‘miracle fix’, revolutionising the biomechanics of riders who have struggled to sit the trot and canter for years on end.

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Small-medium, up to 38 inch (96.5 cm) hips, Medium-Large, over 38 inch (96.5cm) hips


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