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Eight 90min lectures with me, Mary Wanless, live direct from my studio  – where I will be using our horse simulator to demonstrate many of the points of the series. You’ll be able to ask me questions during the live show and have access to the lectures for 7 days after the transmission. I am hoping we will have some fun along the way, lighten your winter evenings, and provide you with some new insights that you can work on with your horse the very next day!

You can get access to all 8 lectures, totalling over 12hrs of live instruction, for only £100 or if you just want to pick and choose you can buy them individually at £18 each.  You’ll get a link via email close to the day with instructions on how to join. We’ll be using the popular, and easy to use, Zoom as the webinar tool.  Join me over the dates below for a great learning experience and a chance to progress your skill.

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Webinar 1 – 24th Nov 2020 7pm GMT

Learning about learning Part 1 – having a user’s manual for the brain enables you to get the most from your lessons. It shows you how to change habits, and how to focus. You benefit immensely if you can create a smoother passage for your learning – and it always helps to be a student your trainer enjoys coaching!


Webinar 2 – 2nd Dec 2020 7pm GMT

Learning about learning Part 2 – the ‘wordscape’ and the ‘brainscape’. How do you generate the ‘Aha!’ experiences that catalyse learning? It’s possible, they are not in the lap of the Gods! We’ve all heard the phrase ‘back to basics’ – and good basics are vital – but what are those basics? And what happens to you (and the riding culture as a whole) when ‘X’s are presented as if they are ‘A’s?


Webinar 3 – 9th Dec 2020 7pm GMT

Alignment, core strength, and ‘plugging in’ – Your horse cannot not be influenced by your body patterns – how you shove, or wiggle, and where you sit in relation to what is – for him – the ideal balance point. (Is your center of gravity too forward, too back and/or off to the side?) I will use our riding simulator to show the ‘do’s and don’ts’.  Seeing this will help you assess your own starting point, and develop more effective ways to sit.


Webinar 4 – 15th Dec 2020 7pm GMT

Rising Trot mechanism –  when this works well it’s the ‘gold dust’ skill! So many riders just assume they’re doing it well, when they are really just repeating the habit pattern they happened to acquire along the way it. We will demonstrate the ‘do’s’ and don’ts’ using our simulator, helping you to recognize your own starting point and to make adjustments. When you do, your horse will know the difference!


Webinar 5 – 6th Jan 2021 7pm GMT

Stabilization or relaxation? – are you firm and still on the horse, or are you a rag doll? Do you ‘lead the dance’ or follow it? Is relaxing really the answer – or is there such a thing as ‘positive tension’? Realize that the most powerful way to change your horse is to change your riding. It’s a sad state of affairs when you always do what you always did and always get what you always got!


Webinar 6 – 12th Jan 2021 7pm GMT

What are you sitting on? A little anatomy goes a long way towards helping you develop your skills! It is a big advantage to know how your body works, and how to work with it, not against it.


Webinar 7 – 20th Jan 2021 7pm GMT

The elusive quest for symmetry – myths and methods! No one has a pill to make your asymmetry magically go away, but with our fixes – and our ways of diagnosing the problem you have to fix, you can get well on your way, and potentially take some big steps towards to becoming more functionally symmetrical.


Webinar 8 – 27th Jan 2021 7pm GMT

Force transmission – a powerful new concept for riders and their horses. This is the ultimate game-changer! Talented riders have bodies that are naturally good at transmitting force, but since they have no idea what they are doing and how they are doing it, they cannot teach it to you. You have already started to learn this skill, and now is the time to make it more explicit.
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