The Naked Truth of Riding DVD


These 4 DVDs were filmed at a symposium with Mary Wanless and Heather Blitz. DVD 1 is a talk on language and learning. DVDs 2-4 are filmed in the riding arena, assessing the riders’ strengths and weaknesses, and then using hands-on teaching to begin to resolve them. Heather rides 6 of the horses describing her experiences as she enhances their way of going.

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These DVDs are unique in their way of combining rider biomechanics and ‘reactivity training’. Used together, these paradigms eat into the catch 22 that ‘until the horse goes right the rider cannot sit right, and until the rider sits right the horse cannot go right.’ The results are profound, as illustrated in the changes made by the riders’ themselves, and within Heather Blitz’s riding and commentry.

DVD 1 is a talk given my Mary Wanless on Language and Learning, explaining why elite riders cannot describe their skill accurately in words, and why riders so often get stuck on a plateau. Mary offers suggestions for ways of learning that ensure continual progress.

DVD 2 works in the arena with a group of 4 club level riders. After assessing and realigning the riders, and then doing some teaching to confirm those changes, Heather rides 2 of the horses.

DVD 3 works in the arena with a group of 3 slighty more advanced riders, assessing and realigning them, and then doing some teaching before Heather rides 2 of the horses.

DVD 4 works in the arena with 2 more advanced riders, and again after realigning and teaching, Heather rides both horses.

THe descriptions used by both Mary and Heather, the analysis of the issues presented, and the changes in the horses, present some fascinating new ways of thinking that speak for themselves.

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