Muscle Language DVD series


Featuring Mary Wanless, Heather Blitz, Diane Rodick, and primarily Cheryl Alker, personal trainer extraordinaire,
who helps you develop body awareness, flexibility and core strength.

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This is a set of 5 DVDs, including an Introductory DVD, 2 stretch class DVDs, and 2 core strength DVDs.

Cheryl is brilliant at helping people access the right muscles, and learn to feel them in action. She uses illustrations and clear descriptions to make sure that you precisely position your body in a stretch or core strength exercise.She advocates using stretch work before core training so that you begin this from a more symmetrical baseline. I have found her work extremely helpful, and she has been ‘the difference that makes the difference’ for  many riders who did not  ‘get it’ though other means! These DVDs are the brainchild of a rider who found Cheryl’s work so helpful in her RWYM progression that she wanted to make it available to many more people.

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