Series 1, DVD 3 Sitting Trot and Canter: Working on the Bit


Too often the hands are used abusively in a attempt to bring the horse on the bit. Mary shows riders how to develop correct use of their bodies so they no longer rely on their hands and gain instead a truly independent seat. 1hr 6min 32sec.

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A series of DVDs demonstrating Mary’s unique approach to riding and teaching, which encourages riders to develop an intuitive feel for riding through imitation and experimentation. She provides simple exercises and innovative imaging techniques that lead to better concentration, relaxation and body awareness. Her teaching helps the rider unite mind and body (while avoiding shoulds and oughts) to become a truly natural rider.

The DVDs in series 1 are cheaper than those in series 2. This reflects the difference in their quality. There are some crackles in the sound of series 1, some inconsistencies in the colour of various ‘takes’, and moments when the sound is not quite synchronised with the movement of the lips. The content, however, is second to none, and I recommend them as an introduction to my work. The content of these DVDs is presupposed in series 2.

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